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Custom Reloading Saves You Money! Let usreload your brass.


There is an 11% Federal excise tax on all ammunition you buy?

Most people don’t!

Think about it: If a loaded cartridge costs you $1.00 you are paying 10 cents in federal taxes for each round!

And now, many states are trying to get in the game and charge ammo taxes.

This tax is collected directly from ammunition manufacturers and passed on to you in the price you pay for ammunition.

That’s right, it’s a hidden tax just like on gas and fuel (except you can see those at the pump).

The sad thing is that until now, ammo manufacturers just passed it on and never told you about it.

Well, we’re telling you about it NOW! Not only that but we are sharing a little known secret about how you can avoid paying it. Not only will you not have to pay the 11% hidden tax, but you will also save even more with our private, custom ammunition manufacturing runs.

Here's the secret...
When you provide your own brass casings for us to reload, it is not considered "new" ammunition and there is no Federal excise tax on it so you immediately save 11%.

Not only do you avoid the hidden tax but by providing your own fired brass you save even more because you are not paying for new brass. That means that you can dramatically cut your cost per shell and get precision, custom loaded ammo for a fraction of the cost of new ammo. We do require a minimum of 1000 rounds to open a private ammunition production run.

There are two ways to participate in our private ammunition production runs...

1) Sign up for our one of our open production runs.

2) Get your friends and people you know together and schedule your own private production run.

Whenever we get individual or group orders the meet or exceed 5000 rounds of the same caliber, we are more than happy to schedule a private production run to meet our client's needs. See pricing for private ammunition manufacturing.

To discuss scheduling your own private production run
Call 406-210-0860


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